BOOSTEADY Universal Cleaning Kit for Pistol Gun, 45 Gauge, Brush and Jag


  • 16-piece gun maintenance system in a high-performance zippered organized bag.
  • Gun cleaning supplies include: 0.22 cal, .357 cal./.38 cal./0.354 in., .40 cal., And .45 cal. Phosphor bronze brushes and nylon jags, large and small nylon slotted tips, and 100 gun cleaning patches, nylon brush, and metal gun cleaning pick.
  • Quality 10.5 ” Hand Gun Cleaning Rod: 2 brass cleaning rods together to form one 10.5 ” rod.
  • Compact padded zippered sleeve: keeps everything perfectly organized; holds all necessary cleaning tools; case size: 6.5 x 3.6 inches.
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Brush: The stainless steel tines help clean difficult areas on your firearm.


BOOSTEADY Universal Cleaning Kit for Pistol Gun, 45 Gauge, Brush, and Jag Details

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Whether you’re packing a 1911, Attacker, or Revolver, this is the cleaning kit for you. It’s hard. It is organized. It is thorough. It is just like you

Bronze brush
The tools are clearly labeled and snap securely into place keeping things organized.
Brushes are standard braided aluminum core with bronze bristles.

Nylon slotted tip.
The grooved solid nylon tip is softer than barrel steel so it won’t damage your hole. They are threaded 8-32.
Ideal for attaching patches to clean the hole, especially useful when attaching solvent patches

Stainless steel pick
A stainless steel pick is a great tool for removing harmful materials from your gun.
To keep your firearms working their best.
Weapon cleaning patches
The patches were pre-cut and fit easily into the narrow areas of the gun.
Fits tight barrels without sticking.

Additional information

Weight 0.534 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 cm