Accuracy and Target Firing – Firing Range Target

The aim of this firing range target course is to improve and maximize your shooting abilities. You can enroll in this course regardless of your experience. Our instructors will set a baseline during your first session, and at the end of your sessions, you will be able to evaluate your progress. Regardless of how skilled you are now, our technique of education will help you improve, and you will notice the effects.

Firing Range Target Course Overview

  • Weapon Clearing Live Fire Training: With our live fire training and target shooting accessories. We provide you with the insight to make sound decisions when encountering people or animals in real-life scenarios. We offer both live fire training and simulated training for those that are law enforcement officers or just civilians interested in shooting for self-protection or sport.
  • Professional Instruction: Our specialized instructors are quite fimiliar of both firearms and ammunition. which means they can help you avoid dangerous situations and get you on the range with your weapon quickly. They can also train you for long-range target shooting and other specific scenarios based on your needs.
  • Quality Control: We guarantee you will receive useful feedback on every exercise as we review it with our students to make sure that they are progressing at their own pace. We also offer an extensive feedback form for students who want more guidance or are struggling with certain aspects of the course content.
  • Safety Guidelines/Orientation: A key component of our training is safety which is why we offer an orientation that includes safety guidelines and orientation on how to use firearms safely. We also offer sight alignment exercises as well as trigger control exercises to help ensure that all students are safe during live fire training.
  • Target Recognition and Analysis: With our target recognition and analysis module, you’ll learn how to identify different types of targets in a variety of situations. You’ll also learn about firearm limitations and the right way to use your firearm in any scenario.

Course Requirements

All attendees must meet our high requirements for accuracy and target firing.

According to the rules established by our brand and the security companies, due diligence must be done on every attendee priorly.

Consequently, the following requirements must be satisfied before signing up:

  • You must present an authentic passport.
  • Each person is required to provide two passport photos with their name on the back.
  • The venue also has its own requirements for who may utilize its amenities, which should not be overlooked.
  • No one is allowed to use or enter any of the ranges without first acknowledging the rules and signing the range register.

Equipments Required

  • Handgun
  • Three Magazines
  • Ammunition
  • Eye & Ear Protection

Other Available Courses

  • Weapon Safety and Handling
  • Weapon Maintenance

Course Fee

Our Firing Range Target Course would cost you a total of Rs 2500/hr to sign up for this course. It is definitely worth it once you consider your return over the long run.

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