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Our training courses are built to provide professionals with the essential tools to effectively utilise different weapons and techniques. These courses are designed to address the identified gaps in practical learning and development and more importantly, they will increase your tactical effectiveness which will give you an edge over your peers. They’ll both make you intellectually proficient and emotionally resilient.

Accurate, Comprehensive, And Realistic

Each course is focused on providing trainees with a realistic experience by using authentic combat tactics which are both intellectually challenging and operationally sound. Our content is created by leading experts in the field of tactical training who believe that it’s vital for trainees to have a full understanding of how their skills are used in different scenarios that may differ from what they might encounter here, at home or on the field.

Training Objectives

  • Learn modern training methods and operational logic
  • Improve your skills in combat
  • Learn to be more attentive when under time pressure
  • Get more professional performance in your operation with a number of weapons

Hands-on training is provided in the following areas:

  • Weapon Safety and Handling

Since we understand the importance of safety, our trainers are always professional and trained to the highest standards. We offer comprehensive, hands-on training courses that cover the latest trends in weapons safety and handling. 

With your new knowledge, you’ll be able to handle firearms with confidence when carrying them on hunting trips, going shooting at the range or even in your own home!

  • Weapon Maintenance

This course teaches you the best methods and skills to maintain weapons and firearms, ensuring that they’ll remain in working order for a long time. We’ll also show you how to prepare for an emergency situation when your weapon might not work as intended.

  • Accuracy and Target Firing  

Our shooting courses are designed to help you improve your skills, get more accuracy, and reduce your risk of injury. Our courses are all conducted in accordance with strict government guidelines, so you can rest assured that you’re getting reliable information.

We include everything you need to learn a new skill or practice target firing.

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