3 Bears Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet


  • Features: 9 ” long, fits around 8 ” wrists, can be disassembled as 12 feet around the long rope, anti-corrosion, and aging resistance.
  • Marine parachute: The bracelet can be disassembled as a rope for building tents, cheating, camping, hiking, fishing, and other emergency situations.
  • Scraper and Fire Burner: The scraper can be used for fireplace from the iron as a fire starter and can also be used as a knife.
  • Waterproof Composition: The built-in compass provides safety for navigation while traveling outdoors.
  • HIGH-QUALITY WHISTLE – The construction whistle is very clear and loud to be heard from miles away.
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3 Bears Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet with Compass Fire Starter and Emergency Whistle 


  • A survival bracelet with a survival whistle design on the buckle.
  • Flint / Fire Starter: It can start fires, in order to survive for boiling water, cooking games, etc.
  • Scraper can be used as a knife.
  • Compass: Accurately provide directional assistance.
  • Whistle: Used for signaling help.
  • Unraveled paracord string: Essential for tying down and securing camping equipment or gear.
  • As stylish decoration wearing in daily life.
  • Ideal accessory for camping, boating, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Here are some of the things you can do with it:

  • Create fishing lines, Binding rafts or make a makeshift shelter;
  • Use it for Tourniquet, Gear repair, make a lanyard or lash charges;
  • Start a fire even when wet, use a compass to navigate, use the whistle to call for help or scare animals away.

Package includes:

  • 3 Pieces of Orange Paracord Bracelets With Fire Starter,
  • Fire Scraper,
  • Compass and Whistle.

Additional information

Weight .108 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 cm

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