Eagle Rock Gear 550 Paracord


  • Parachute rope over 698.8 ft strong and light 550 lb (parachute cord).
  • Adjustable length from 43 to 57 inches, with easy-pull loop for quick and easy length adjustment.
  • 1.5 ” wide triple cobra parachute strap for added comfort.
  • Attach Your Own With Our Durable Open 1 ” Nylon Straps (Comes with HK Clips and Rifle Swivel Attachments)
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SABER – Tactical Pistol and LED Flashlight – Provides 1,139 Serious Pain Induction Microcoulombs and 80 Lumens – Lifetime Warranty

Eagle Rock Gear is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to the outdoor adventure lifestyle we love so much. Our goal is to design and develop high-quality, innovative products. We are outdoor enthusiasts and we understand what it takes to make a useful quality product so we are always looking for ways to improve our own.

Our line of 2-point paracord pistol straps offers several unique features, including an easy-pull loop to quickly adjust the length of the sling, as well as the ability to use your own accessories without having to remove the paracord. US Patent Pending



Use your own attachments

Use your own accessories with our durable 1 ” open nylon straps. No need to unsheathe the paracord! Our slings come with HK clips and rifle swivel attachments. Eagle Rock Gear now offers QD Swivels (sold separately).







Extra thick paracord strap.

Eagle Rock Gear 550 Paracord Gun Slings have a 1.5 ” triple paracord strap for comfort and durability. This additional thickness has allowed us to use over 86 feet of paracord!









Easy to pull loop

Quickly and easily adjust the length of our slings (from 43 to 57 inches) with our Easy Pull Loop.





Additional information

Weight .1000 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 cm