Weapon Safety and Handling Course- A Gun Safety Course

Tactical Trading Pakistan is now offering this gun safety course for individuals and groups. Learn firearm and weapon safety essentials from industry experts and leading training partners. 

This 4-hours course covers the skills and knowledge required to understand Pakistan’s firearms laws, firearm safety rules, licensing requirements, safe handling, firearm terminology, secure storage, and transportation. It also contains additional information that is relevant to all shooters. 

Course Outline

  • Learning about the laws of your state: When it comes to properly handling a firearm, most people get bogged down in the legal aspects of it. This course will give you a full understanding of the laws of your state and show you how to keep yourself out of trouble!
  • Transporting Firearms Safely: Transporting firearms can be complex, we’ll teach you the safest way to transport them so that they are not lost or damaged in a mishap. We’ll also show you how to properly secure them in storage as well!
  • How To Receive Firearms Properly: We’ll teach you how to receive firearms safely and securely so that they won’t fall into criminal hands. You’ll also learn about proper storage procedures for both damaged and undamaged firearms.
  • Ammunition storage: This is another key factor in keeping your firearm safe and secure. You should always keep firearms and ammunition stored separately, away from each other and other objects that may cause damage to them or become projectiles if they were to malfunction while being stored with another object such as clothing or bedding which could lead to injuries or death if they were to discharge their rounds during storage.
  • Live Fire Demonstration: We provide an exciting opportunity to learn about your new weapon(s) or get a feel for one you’re considering by participating in a live fire demonstration with our qualified instructors! Practical sessions allow you to learn about weapons and ammunition management.

Prerequisites of Course

You must satisfy the following conditions in order to enrol in this gun safety course:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to attend (or have signed parental or guardian agreement).
  • Must not have any physical or mental conditions that would make it impossible for you to handle weapons safely; if in doubt, consult your GP or get in touch with us to discuss appropriateness.
  • Must not have any recent convictions for crimes involving drugs, violence, or weapons.
  • Cannot have received a domestic violence order within the previous five years.
  • Cannot have received an involuntary mental health order in the previous five years.

Additionally, it is advised that pregnant women stay away from our weapons safety courses. Please call our office at 03161615446 if you have any questions about this.


You might be interested in doing more firearms training with Tactical Trading after finishing this course, such as:

  • Weapons Maintenance
  • Accuracy and Target Firing

Course Fee

This gun safety course would cost you a total of Rs 2500/hr to sign up for this course. It is definitely worth it once you consider your return over the long run.

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