The MTP6: Multi-Tool Tactical Pen with Flashlight


The MTP-6 tactical pen by The Atomic Bear® is a complete everyday carry solution. It combines a LED flashlight, a ballpoint refillable pen, an impact end for self-defense and emergency situations, a multi-tool (bottle opener, flat screwdriver and a hex key. Made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, built to take a beating and give it back in spades.


The MTP6: Multi-Tool Tactical Pen with Flashlight Details

A FULL EDC KIT IN A… PEN! Carry the single most versatile item on you all the time. Never be caught off-guard again. Enhance your EDC with this singular multi-function pen today.

BUILT TO LAST  The Atomic Bear MTP-6 tactical pen is built to last. Aircraft aluminum grade machined with precision for those who know one thing or two about great tools.

THE MTP-6 IS A REVOLUTION IN EDC PENS Unclutter your pockets or your bag by replacing a pen, a glass breaker, a self-defense tool, a tactical flashlight, a bottle opener, a hex key, and a screwdriver with… a pen! How good is that?


A loaded everyday carry item.

Find essential EDC functionalities in a compact and easy to carry tactical pen. A powerful flashlight with a strobe mode, a very effective glass breaker/self-defense impact head, a multi-tool and of course a pen. The MTP-6 is the robust and powerful tool that makes the difference.

Writing a love letter or a SWAT team directive.

The ballpoint replaceable ink cartridge is designed to give you an amazing writing experience. You can expect a smooth and continuous feeling with dark black ink. It is shipped with 3 ink cartridges AND three sets of battery for a long-lasting experience right off the box.

Ain’t just for writing.

The tungsten carbide impact head is made of the same material as armor-piercing bullets. It is so hard that you can write on metal and glass. It is designed to shatter a car window in one strike. No predator wants to meet the Atomic Bear MTP-6 pen… A concealed ‘non-lethal’ solution for places where a gun or a knife is not allowed.







Additional information

Weight 0.1634 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 cm