100% Real Leather Handmade Traditional Archery Back Arrows Quiver / Leather Hip Arrow Quiver “Beige Tatar-Tulip”

A leather quiver to hold arrows. It is made to perform as a side quiver, that hangs from a shoulder strap, or as a back quiver. It has a side opening so you can use it as a stealth quiver, removing the arrows from the middle of the quiver. It is very easily changed from side to back configuration, by adjusting 2 buckles to lengthen or shorten the strap and moving one or two connection points that are held with sam Browne studs. Easily and quickly changed in the field. This quiver will fit right or left hand, depending on how you configure the straps. I’ve added a D-ring to the bottom, and when used as an attachment point it makes the quiver even more versatile. The size is adjustable, due to the adjustable shoulder strap, within a given range. With your chest size, I will make sure the range is appropriate for your body size. The dimensions of the quiver are 2×4 inch opening, 20 inches long.

Additional information

Weight 0.897 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 cm

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small