Parachute cord


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  • This is army green and has 3 stainless steel pans each with sealed lids on the inside that still have plastic bags on them from the factory.
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Parachute cord

  • When you’re scheduled to go on an epic outdoor adventure, a tough rope is essential. PSKOOK nylon paracord is definitely your good choice. Parachute cord
  • Nylon strands are softer and stronger. Strength is crucial for an outdoor rope, it must stand up to any heavy-duty task without losing shape or breaking. Take a PSKOOK 550lb nylon survival rope, tie up a hammock, fasten your tent, no more worry about its firmness.
  • For a rope that often comes in contact with the skin outdoors, how important is softness? When you use it to make a bracelet or emergency tourniquet, a hard rope will make you uncomfortable even hurt your skin. But a soft nylon rope won’t, that’s the charm of PSKOOK nylon paracord.
  • PSKOOK 100% Nylon paracord has 7 twisted inner strands, each made of 3 yarns and the strength beats regular 2 yarns.
  • PSKOOK nylon parachute cord is ideal for camping, crafting, fishing, hunting, and more, making paracord projects like bracelets, lanyards, necklaces, or tools. Just throw a roll in your trunk, keep a hank in your backpack and enjoy your outdoor life!



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