Speed Racer Fast Catch Boomerangs – Orange


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Speed Racer Fast Catch Boomerangs – Orange

Colorado Boomerangs has a 25 year history of hand crafting quality boomerang products. Our boomerangs are light enough and aerodynamic enough for great returns. We use the best materials and airfoils designed over many years of tests. Boomerangs are like little airplane wings. They need to “fly” and being light and small is GOOD when your 8 year old is the thrower. Our plastic boomerangs have custom molded airfoils while many “boomerang” products you find elsewhere do not have proper airfoils at all. Without proper airfoils, a boomerang cannot return or even turn. We are trying to educate people on the need to look at boomerangs as precision aerodynamic objects. So buying from a reputable company is important.


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Weight 0.5657 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 cm

Waist:30"-35", Waist:36"-41", Waist:42"-46"