Adjustable-Telescopic Golf Club


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Adjustable-Telescopic Golf Club

It’s a putter, driver, a full set of irons, and 8 wedges. Lengths refer to the “overall” length of the club from the end of the grip to the heel of the head which is how the USGA measures clubs.  We have two standard lengths. The 38.5-inch model (97.8 cm) is for players 5ft 8in (173 cm) or taller and is the length of a 4-iron. The 37.5-inch model (95.25 cm) is for players who are shorter than 5ft 8in and is the length of a 6-iron. After you get your club and use it for a while, if you wish you had the other length, we will gladly swap your shaft at no charge

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Weight .568 kg
Dimensions 4.6 × 4.7 × 3 cm

Waist:30"-35", Waist:36"-41", Waist:42"-46"